Toronto Star
September January 22, 2005

Mortgage Broker is way to go

Re Broker may find a better mortgage deal, Jan. 15

I enjoyed the mortgage broker piece in the Star. It’s the only way to go, from my perspective. I’ve purchased a couple of houses within the last few years and have always used a mortgage broker…the same one. In fact, I was so pleased with the services that I’ve referred several family and friends to him.

Afterwards, they call to thank me after dealing with him. Talk about one-stop-shopping!

Why would anyone want to do all that legwork compiling and comparing rates on his or her own when you can get that from one source?

I only deal with my broker. To this date I haven’t had any direct contact with a person at the lending institutions, not even for renewals…just the way I like it.

More people need to educate themselves on this money-saving route.
Adrian Jenko

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